• Welcome!  Thanks for visiting my website!  Below is a list of some important information that you may refer to throughout the year.  



    Your child should be studying vocabulary every night.  Each student has a Wordly Wise book that he/she can bring home.  Another awesome tool that I have shown them in class is vocabtest.com  or wordlywise3000.com.  Vocabtest.com is the best tool for studying vocabulary if you have internet access. Wordlywise3000.com goes over the words orally and has a few links to some games that review the words for each lesson. Otherwise, they can just bring their books home and study the pages that correspond to the lesson we are currently working on.



    We spend time every day completing lessons from the iReady workbook, which correlate with the TN state standards.  These lessons are rigorous and challenging.  Don't get discouraged if your child has to struggle through some of the lessons.  I spend part of the week completing VERY GUIDED lessons with them. Then, the last lesson on a particular skill is independent practice, which means I have them do it all on their own without my assistance.   If they listen, participate, and ask questions throughout the week, they should do well on the independent practice lesson.  Occassionally, there will be a skill that your child might struggle with; however, if you see a pattern of low grades on the independent practice lesson, your child might need to spend time at home working on lessons on the iReady website.  The tutorials/lessons are great and very helpful, and the website is very individualized for each student's specific needs. We will also be completing some of these online lessons at different times during class.  EVERY STUDENT HAS A LOGIN AND KNOWS HOW TO GET ON THIS WEBSITE.  This is the same login information they use when they take the iReady test.  The website is as follows: login.i-ready.com .



    At certain times during the school year, we will be reading novels.  I have a class set.  Students may check out a book if needed to review at home, but he/she will need to bring it back to class BEFORE homeroom period as I have to have a complete set to start with each day.  



    Your child should have brought home a form for you to fill out your email information so that you could be added to my weekly email list.  I send out a weekly upate EVERY week unless we have a short week.  These emails are VERY IMPORTANT! I always keep you up to date on the skill we are working on, as well as any upcoming tests or other important dates. 

    EVERY student received a planner at the beginning of the year.  Keeping up with when things are due and important information is a life skill that they will need to be successful.  Encourage them to use the planner!!!  (My email is mainly for "back-up" so that you can hold them accountable. :) )