• Vocal Music
    Come join the fun in the vocal music class. We learn to read music, sing louder and perform before an audience. The requirements are simple. Come with an open mind, ready to learn and the courage to try something new. In this class we will sing everyday, learn about music theory and go on choir tour to  our local Elementary and Jr. High Schools. At the end of the semester, the students will present a concert consisting of all the music they have learned.
    Students who like to sing but do not have the opportunity to take the vocal music class have the opportunity to try out for the Glee Club. This group practices during clubs and after school. They perform for special occasions such as the alma mater for Graduation and the National Anthem for ballgames. The try outs will occur during the first few weeks of the fall semester. The student will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and sing a song with or without accompaniment. To make the Glee club, the student must sing on pitch and be in good standing with the other teachers and administration in the school.
    All West Honor Choir
    This is another opportunity for students to sing. To audition for the All Northwest Honor Choir, a student must purchase the music and cd from Mrs. Coleman and attend an after school practice during the months of August-September. The audition will take place in Jackson, Tn at Union University at the end of September. The music is difficult and challenging and requires many hours of independent practice. If you are selected for the choir, you will still attend practices until the choir meets in November to practice and perform a concert for families and friends. This will also take place in Jackson, Tn at the Englewood and West Jackson Baptist Churches.
    All State
    After making  All Northwest Honor choir, a student may be qualified to try out for  All State choir. The music for this is even more challenging and difficult and requires many more hours of independent practice. A student may purchase the music from Mrs. Coleman. The audition is usually held in Jackson or Memphis, Tn. If you are selected for this choir, the rehearsal and performance will be held in the Opryland hotel in Nashville, Tn.
    In 2017 Anna Grace Jones was chosen and attended the All State Honor Choir.