Report cards will be sent home on Friday, March 13th.  Please review, sign, and return ASAP.



    Our annual Spring Fling will be held on Saturday, March 21st starting at 2PM.  Kindergarten needs cakes for the cake walk and items for the auction.  If you can donate any item, please let me know ASAP.



    Spring break is Monday, March 30th through April 3rd.  



    It is imperative that your child come to school (unless sick), be on time, and appointments should be after school if possible.  


    If your child is going to eat breakfast in the mornings at school, please make sure he/she is here no later than 7:45AM.  Students must be here by 7:50AM or they will be tardy.  Also, students should be able to walk into the building independently.  Thank you for your help with this matter.



    There is going to be a change in our schedule.  We are now going to have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on these days.  



    Please encourage your child to do complete homework neatly and correctly.  Homework is as follows:

    Monday night-leveled reader books:  please have your child read multiple times, parent signs the books, and return to school

    Monday-Thursday nights: fluency homework

    Tuesday-Thursday nights:  read bear book, sign page, and return book and clip to school


    Each week, students must read at least 2 leveled readers to me.  I require
    students to read to me so I can check for fluency, comprehension, sight word
    recognition, and various other reading skills.  We practice these stories
    during our learning station rotations, however, some students need extra
    practice.  Please have your child read to you nightly. 


    It is very important for your child to attend school every day unless he/she
    is sick.  Please make doctor, dentist, and other appointments after school if


    Parents, I am encouraging you to become involved with our PTO.  They do SO
    MUCH for our school and for our classroom.  I would like to see more parents
    attend our monthly meeting and volunteer to help with upcoming events.   

    Please remember that students have P.E. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Your
    child MUST wear tennis shoes in order to participate.

    In order to show our progress in Kindergarten, we now have a data wall
    outside our classroom.  There are 4 colors for the data wall:  blue
    (advanced), green (proficient), yellow (basic), and red (below basic).  The
    advanced scores are 100-90, proficient scores are 89-80, basic scores are 79-
    70, and below basic scores are 69 and below.  Every time your child takes a
    test, we will discuss the test score and he/she will move their card to the
    appropriate chart.  Therefore, from now on your child will receive a ‘grade’
    on every test.  All information is confidential.  I have explained to
    students not to tell anyone, other than family, where their card is located. 
    I encourage you to ask your child about the data wall.  There is a picture
    under the links tab for you to view.  If you have any questions, please feel
    free to contact me.   

    Parents, please look through your child's folder every night.  Please
    send all money in envelopes and place in your child's red folder.  I check
    these in the mornings.

    Our school is collecting box tops for education. We receive 10 cents for
    every box top collected.  Thank you for helping our school!

    We have a Yorkville Paper Bin located in the back of the school.  If
    possible, please discard ALL cardboard, magazines, papers, boxes, etc. into
    the bin.