• Welcome to Fourth Grade with

    Mrs. Christie Strayhorn 

     Class Motto: Learning Lasts A Lifetime! 
    Today I will do my best to be MY best.
    What I do today will make a difference in MY life. 
    MY choices will affect me and those around me.
    I will listen.
    I will follow directions.
    I will be honest.
    I will respect the rights of others.
    I will learn something today, because today matters and MY future is built one "now" at a time. 
    In Our Classroom
    We do real
    We do mistakes
    We do I'm sorry
    We do Thank You
    We do laughter
    We do Praise
    We do Tests
    We do Dreams
    We do Peace
    We do Respect
    We do Integrity
    We do Working Hard
    We do Growing
    We do Friendships
    We Do Learning