Thank you for visiting the Gibson County High School (GCHS) website to view the great things that are happening. The faculty and staff at Gibson County High School consist of highly-qualified individuals who are dedicated to the mission of the school. Of the faculty and staff, fifteen are alumni of Gibson County High School. Two of our main goals are to "Promote Excellence in All Things" and make sure all students are career ready (college, vocational, military). Just as importantly, GCHS emphasizes that all students, regardless of economic level, academic ability, or ethnic background, be allowed to receive an education grounded in academic excellence.

GCHS employs a curriculum that enables all students to reach their potential through advanced placement, dual enrollment, dual credit, honors, CTE, and regular courses. All academic tracks offer the appropriate courses to prepare students for a career after high school. Achieving academic success and excellence remains a constant focus across the curriculum.

Athletics, band, and other extra-curricular activities provide an abundance of opportunities for social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth for our students.

Gibson County High School achieved some major academic accomplishments during the 2013-14 and 2015-16 school years:

  • Once again, GCHS has a growth score of 5. The scale for the State of Tennessee is 1-5, with 5 being excellent.
  • Tennessee Reward School - GCHS was recognized for being in the Top 5% of the state's schools for growth. This is the 2nd time within 3 years that we have received this recognition.
  • GCHS was recognized for being in the Top 8% of the state's schools for Achievement.
  • The Class of 2014 had the highest ACT composite score since all students were required to take the test. This class had increases in every subtest when compared to previous years.

Our athletic facilities have recently undergone some major changes, specifically with the addition of a new athletic building and the renovation of an older building. These changes will help encourage more students/athletes to get involved in athletics. These improvements will give our athletes the necessary resources to compete at the same benchmark as other athletes in our district and/or county.

GCHS has also implemented the TN Ready Standards, which I feel is a positive move to ensure that our students are college and career ready. Some of the ways we taught students in the past simply does not prepare them for the higher demands of college and careers today and in the future. Employers expect employees to use a broad set of skills like:

TN Ready will test a deeper level of knowledge than previous EOC tests in math and language arts. Please click below to download a document which explains TN Ready when it comes to literacy and numeracy. This document will explain the changes that are being made, especially the way our teachers will ask questions.

TN Ready is a work in progress but is a move in the right direction. The Department of Education and Commissioner McQueen have unveiled three ambitious goals for the future. These goals will ensure that more of our students will be prepared for the challenges that await after high school.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our school or the programs we have to offer.

James Hughes, Principal, GCHS

The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing

Critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills

The ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings

The ability to analyze and solve complex problems

Concepts and new developments in science and technology

Tennessee will rank in the top half of states on NAEP, often called the Nation's Report Card, by 2019.

The average ACT composite score in Tennessee will be at least a 21 by 2020.

The majority of high school graduates from the class of 2020 will earn a post secondary certificate, diploma, or degree.