The Fine Arts Program at GCHS offers arts training, instruction and performance. The program is a vital part of our school and has been recognized on the local, regional and state levels. To find out more about the course and activites offered through the Fine Arts Department, click the links at the left of the page.

Visual Arts

Art I: introduces students to the 7 art elements, art history from prehistoric through medieval art, art criticism and aesthetics. Students will create 2-dimensional and some 3-dimensional works using basic materials such as pencil, special papers, markers and paint. Fee: $35
Art II:
focuses on the principles of design as they strengthen their observation skills and problem solving abilities through life drawing and more advanced sculpture techniques. Students in Art II will focus on the modern art period from impressionism through abstract expressionism. Students will deepen their ability to analyze and critique artwork and develop their own aesthetic values. Fee: $35

Art III: requires students to develop a portfolio of their own work based on a self- chosen theme. This course covers the contemporary art history era from Pop art to the present time. Art III students will create an art journal and regularly critique their own work as well as the work of others within groups using informal and formal written critique. Fee: $35


Vocal Music: Students will learn basic music notation, musical structures, aural skills, and music reading. Students will sing selected choral works. There is a mandatory concert. During the fall semester the students go on tour and perform as a choir. In the spring the class combines with the drama class to present a musical. Additionally, students will develop performance skills. This part of the class requires at least 30 after school practices and 6 night rehearsals. Participation will be reflected in the grade. Fee: $14

Marching Band/Concert Band: Students may choose to enroll in both semesters of band or one semester only (Marching Band/Fall or Concert Band/Spring). Inclusion in the Marching Band is a major time commitment, including after school rehearsals 2 days a week, Friday night football games, and Saturday marching contests. Students enrolled in the extracurricular activity of Marching Band must attend Band Camp (usually the last two weeks of July). Concert Band includes some after school activities (festivals, sectionals) that are mandatory. A band fee will be paid by all band students enrolled in one or two semesters.

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts: This course covers the following standards: script writing, character acting, scene design, directing, research, theatrical presentation, scene comprehension, and context. Theatre Acts generates a heightened sensitivity to the arts and will explore theatres significance and influence on society.