Gibson County High School is proud to offer excellent academic programs to all of our students. In recent years, the English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science departments have received scores on comprehensive state tests that exceed state averages.

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Algebra I: This course provides students with a foundation for higher mathematics. Topics include the following: properties and operations of numbers, methods of solving all types of linear equations and inequalities, solving word problems, factoring, graphing, systems of equations, radicals, etc.

Algebra I (Prep and Extended): This course sequence allows students two semesters to master the Algebra standards. Two credits will be earned (1 elective and 1 math credit).

Algebra II: This course continues the study of the skills presented in Algebra I. Emphasis is placed on graphing various functions and solving equations (linear, quadratic, exponential, radical, logarithmic, etc.). Additional topics include statistics, regression, probability, and trigonometry.

Geometry: This course involves the study of the characteristics of certain geometric figures. Students are taught how to develop logical thought patterns and how to apply these to everyday problems. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and practical applications of geometry are used in dealing with perimeter, area, and volume.

Honors Algebra I, Honors Algebra II, and Honors Geometry: These courses are available for students who meet the GCSSD course specific honors admissions criteria.

Bridge Math: This course will revisit topics covered in previous math courses while focusing on application. Multiple representations (function, table, graph, etc.) of concepts will be presented, and students will be better prepared to enter a university or in a career.

Honors Pre-Calculus: This course includes elements of trigonometry, advanced topics, and pre-calculus. Trigonometry topics include the study of angles and sides in triangles. Advanced topics include complex numbers, relations and fractions, exponential and logarithmic functions and conic sections. Pre-calculus topics include matrices and an introduction to derivatives and limits. Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra II. 

AP Calculus AB: This unique class is a course equivalent to a first course in college calculus. It is designed to develop higher order thinking skills and includes topics such as limits, derivatives and integration. A test will be administered at the end of the course for the possibility of college credit(s).

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