Boundary Maps

Attendance Boundary Maps are provided for general reference only and are subject to verification by the GCSSD registrar when a student is registered to enroll at Gibson County Schools.

Below is a map of the entire Gibson County Special School District color-coded by the school zone. For a more detailed map of each school zone area, click on the school name.

Gibson County Special School District
  • GCSSD boundary/zone map for all schools.
  • Kenton School (pink)
  • Rutherford School (orange)
  • Dyer School (green)
  • Yorkville School (purple)
  • SpringHill School (blue)
  • Gibson County High School (pink, orange, green, purple, blue)
  • Medina Elementary School (South Gibson County Elementary School) (yellow, dark pink)
  • Medina Middle School (South Gibson County Middle School) (yellow, dark pink)
  • South Gibson County High School (yellow, dark pink)