Literacy 3-4


My name is Margaret DeLoach and I am excited to serve as Gibson County Special School District's Pre-K-4 Literacy Coach. I encourage all 3rd and 4th grade teachers to explore this site in an effort to locate resources, past Professional Development information, and content ideas which will have your students engaged and excited about learning. The urgency of creating meaningful and interactive classrooms is paramount. I look forward to partnering with teachers and administrators in this endeavor.

Parents and teachers can do a lot to encourage Higher Order Thinking. Here are some strategies to help foster children's complex thinking.

Answer children's questions in a way that promotes HOT

According to Robert Sternberg, answers to children's questions can be categorized into seven levels, from low to high, in terms of encouraging higher levels of thinking. While we wouldn't want to answer every question on level seven, we wouldn't want to answer every question on levels one and two, either.

  • Level 1: Reject the question
  • Level 2: Restate or almost restate the question as a response
  • Level 3: Admit ignorance or present information
  • Level 4: Voice encouragement to seek response through authority
  • Level 5: Encourage brainstorming, or consideration of alternative explanations
  • Level 6: Encourage consideration of alternative explanations and a means of evaluating them
  • Level 7: Encourage consideration of alternative explanations plus a means of evaluating them, and follow-through on evaluations

Go to http://www.readingrockets.org/article/how-increase-higher-order-thinking for examples of each level.