it is required that all staff complete the required trainings in asthma, blood borne pathogens, food allergy awareness, and suicide prevention. Please note that this is for all employees including support staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.

All trainings are available through the My Benefits Channel Five Points Training section. School staff members will need to follow these instructions to access these trainings:

Login to their My Benefits Channel account at https://www.mybenefitschannel.com/Public/Login/login.aspx

From the Home page they will click on Education & Training

Then click on Available Courses

They will see a new screen on which they will click on Health & Safety Training and then hit the down arrow to see available courses.

Click on the training you wish to complete first and follow the directions.

Asthma– staff will watch the training and complete the quiz.

Blood Borne Pathogens– staff will watch the training and complete the quiz.

Food Allergy Awareness – follow the directions given through My Benefits Channel to access the external site to review the training. In order to receive credit for this course return to My Benefits Channel to complete the quiz.

Suicide Prevention – follow the directions in My Benefits Channel to access the Jason Foundation, Inc. website to complete Module 5 of the Staff Development Training. In order to receive credit for this course, you must return back to My Benefits Channel once you have completed the work on the Jason Foundation website in order to certify your completion.

New staff members are being added to the My Benefits Channel database once they are hired and should be able to access the training. 

HUMAN TRAFFICKING - Also new teachers are required to complete the one time Human Trafficking training and I am emailing them individually about this. Current GCSSD teachers who completed this training in January do not have to complete this training again.

All of these trainings need to be completed by August 28, 2020.