• Gibson County Special School District student registration is online!

    The system is available in English and Spanish. For parents who do not have access to the internet, local school sites and District Office computers are available (check the 'New Enrollment Dates' link for dates). Paper registration forms are available at the District Office upon request.

  • newstudent To register your NEW STUDENT* in the Gibson County Special School District:

    Current students should not use this system. Returning students will register through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.Contact the school to see if they have scheduled new student enrollment registration days during the summer. If they do not, schedule a time to come to the school and start the registration process. You will need the following to register your child(ren):

    • Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Birth Date
    • Proof of residency - see FAQ section for approved proof list
      (The school may ask for you to bring another copy to the school if the bill date is not within 30 days of the first day of school)

    The on-location pre-registration is not the entire process of enrollment. You are still required to complete the registration within the online portal. The school will give you your login information for Parent Portal to complete this step.

    Once you have received your Parent Portal log-in credentials, sign in to Parent Portal (https://gcssd.powerschool.com/public/home.html) and click on PowerSchool Registration from the menu on the left to complete the registration process. There is no need to print registration forms once completed.

    *Online registration does not guarantee placement in preschool programs. Eligibility criteria must be met and further paperwork completed. Contact the school principal and preschool teacher for more information.

  • returningstudent To register your RETURNING STUDENT in the Gibson County Special School District:Log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal account via the website link below or launch the app on your phone: https://gcssd.powerschool.com/public/home.html
    If you have signed in and created an account previously, please use the information you created to sign in.

    • If you have forgotten your username and password, you can use the ‘Having trouble signing in?’ link to retrieve your log in information.

    Once you have logged in, please click on the PowerSchool Registration menu option. See video for help on using the website if needed. Follow the onscreen instructions to register your student or students.

    Proofs of residency must be dropped off at your students location (must be dated within 30 days of the first day of school).

    • Please verify before delivering proofs that your school doesn’t have a specific drop off date for your proofs.
    • There is no need to print hard copies of the registration packet to send with your child on the first day of school.