Resources for Reading Standards

Reading ResourcesResources to Teach State Standards
  • Here you will find resources to help teach the standards that are embedded in our pacing guide. Please check the site often. I am continually adding information as we go throughout the year. I hope that you find this resource helpful.

Summarizing Resources

Somebody Wanted But So Then Strategy for Summarizing

This instructional sheet explains how to teach the SWBST strategy. You will also find an anchor chart and template for your students to fill out. This strategy is often used in elementary classrooms. If you are a higher grade level, this would be a great tool for those struggling with this skill.

Somebody Wanted But So Then PowerPoint

This PPT, created by Jules Walker, teaches the SWBST strategy for summarizing.

Mrs. Thomas' Blog About Summarizing & Mrs. Thomas' Free Resource - These links are from a teacher blog called Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments.