Steve Wyborney

Steve Wyborney (www.stevewyborney.com) , a district math coach in Oregon. He has created several free resources that are easy to use, ready to go, and based on conceptual understanding! Your teachers and students may benefit from this work.

  • The Splat! Series focuses on problem-solving and algebraic thinking. It's appropriate for grades 2-12. Check out the Fraction Splats! for grades 4 and 5+. Consider revisiting the Splats in grades 6+ as an introduction to writing 1 and 2 step equations. The kids will intuitively solve the Splat! with the same steps, in the same order, as written equations. The Splat! provides the conceptual understanding and can then be linked to the algorithm.
  • Cube Conversations require students to think 3-dimensionally and help build the conceptual understanding of area and volume.
  • The Estimation Clipboard uses scaffolded images to support students' conceptual understanding of length

Steve Wynborney