Volunteer Program

Who Can Volunteer?

Welcome to the Volunteer Information page! We appreciate you looking into our volunteer program and are very excited about having such a program in our schools. Volunteering provides the opportunity to directly influence the educational environment of our children.

By volunteering, you can enrich a child's school experience and directly influence how they view school and learning. If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, neighbor, pastor, business person or retired employee from a school system and would like to help, this is your opportunity.

Can I Volunteer?

After you have attended the orientation class and filled out your registration form and interest sheet, you will be fingerprinted and a background check will be completed by our local SR Officer.

Background Check/Fingerprints

School Board Policy requires that each volunteer have a background check completed with Tennessee Law Enforcement. Your name will also be checked against the Sexual Predator List.

Please remember that, as of this time, our district is paying for the fingerprints to be done. If feel that you can't volunteer at this time, please do not have your fingerprints done. Also, if you are already on a substitute list for Gibson County Special School District, you will not have to be fingerprinted but will have to attend the mandatory Orientation Class.  

Volunteer Procedures

Each and every volunteer is to attend a mandatory orientation meeting every year, no exception.

At the time of your orientation class, you will be asked to fill out a Volunteer Registration Form and an Interest Sheet for each school that you are interested in volunteering. Orientation Class dates will be posted on the website as soon as they become available.

During your orientation, you will learn of opportunities where you can serve, our policies, procedures, and guidelines. You are required to read the Volunteer Handbook, and sign the Registration form verifying that you comply with the terms therein.

Where can I volunteer?

Your school! There are so many opportunities to help in the learning environment of our students. During the Orientation Class, you will fill out an Interest Sheet and pick out areas where you would like to serve. It will be up to your Principal to help decide where you will be needed the most.

How do I get started?

Contact your school principal. Contact information for each school is at the bottom of the schools website. You may visit any school website by choosing a school from the Select a School menu above.

Tips on Being a Great Volunteer

  • Volunteering is a resource that we are using to help our schools, but please remember that this is a learning environment and the workplace for school staff. Please be mindful of the need to minimize disruptions by:
  • Entering a classroom only if you are volunteering therein.
  • Turning off all cell phones and/or pagers. In case of emergency, give the school phone number to your family while you are volunteering.
  • Not socializing at the front desk or hallways.
  • Volunteering to help a teacher with non-instructional tasks.
  • Not engaging teacher(s) in a discussion regarding your child. Teachers will be happy to meet with you at a scheduled time

To be an effective volunteer:

  • Be familiar with all the rules, policies, and procedures of GCSSD and the Volunteer Program.
  • Follow GCSSD’s code of dress, behavior, and language. Remember you will be a role model to some student.
  • You need to arrive on time and only during your schedule time to volunteer.
  • Adhere to all the rules of confidentiality,.
  • Always exhibit positive, supportive and encouraging attitudes.
  • Volunteer to help a teacher with non-instructional tasks.