Writing Resources

Many writing prompts ask the writer to compare and contrast different things such as the author's point of view, the central idea, the settings, etc. These resources have been developed to help teach your students how to tackle these kind of prompts.

Write Alongs

Learn Zillion has created a collection of interactive writing lessons. Students follow along with the video as it models how to revise a piece of writing. A formative assessment is embedded that allows students to practice the same skill that is being revised. There are also language videos in the write-along library.https://learnzillion.com/resources/39149-writealong/

6th-8th Writing Prompts & Texts

6th-8th grade writing prompts and texts provided by Henry County Schools in Georgia. http://docplayer.net/amp/41020852-Office-of-english-language-arts-sample-middle-school-writing-prompts.html

7th & 8th Grade Prompts

7th and 8th-grade writing prompts & text for informative and argumentative writing http://www.mooreschools.com/Page/38991

5th-8th Writing Prompts


This website provides a collection of writing prompts for all modes of writing and text pieces. It is laid out in an easy format and provides at least two pieces of each prompt.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4WyAEr9d-hPRHZ3MlZLdkVFNTA/view