To ensure the safety of your children at Rutherford Elementary School, we are continuing to implement our drop-off and pick-up plan.

All K-8 drop-offs in the morning will be at the front gym entrance facing the north parking lot. Please pull up to the steps, let your children out, and quickly move on so that other parents can do so as well. Children will be dismissed from the gym for breakfast. Grades 5-8 will begin at 7:25 and Grades K-4 will begin at 7:35.

Grades 5-8 need to be in the gym no later than 7:45, because they will be dismissed to go to class. Grades K-4 need to be in the gym no later than 7:50, because at this time they will be led to their classrooms and the gym doors will be locked. Anyone arriving after 7:50 must come in through the front office doors.

All pick-ups in the afternoon will be through the front gym entrance as well. Please pull up to the steps, and the monitors will get your children from inside the gym. Please do not leave your vehicle to encourage constant traffic flow for your convenience.

We would appreciate your patience as we implement this plan for your child’s safety.