Medina Middle opened in Fall of 2000 hosting grades 5-8 with 243 students. Since the doors opened 20 years ago, Medina has experienced tremendous growth. The school, recently renamed South Gibson County Middle School now hosts grades 5-8 with over 800 students.


Empowering the student to become his or her best self


Today I will become a better me


South Gibson County Middle School is committed to investing in the whole learner by:

  • Fostering a safe school environment that promotes an inclusiveness where every student is embraced, valued and celebrated
  • Implementing challenging instructional strategies within the classroom that inspire innovation, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning
  • Providing opportunities where all students can be engaged in activities beyond the classroom
  • Encouraging student ownership of the learning process, personal accountability, and contribution to positive school climate
  • Promoting various educational and/or career choices