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Tip Line Available


Tip Line available to students In a safe school, students are key. They are aware of what is happening on and off campus, and may be the first to know when a classmate is struggling with serious issues. It needs to be easy for students to share this information quickly with school administration so adults can take action. 

The GCSSD Tip Line is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is a fast, effective, and anonymous way to let us know about an unsafe situation and not worry about being identified as the source of the information. Once the Tip Line is alerted, the information is reported directly to the designated administrator. 

Our staff works to make schools safe and caring places. We encourage students and parents to continue using typical methods to report concerns to adults at home and in schools. The Tip Line is not meant to replace this healthy and open communication. Still, we know that when students become aware of unsafe people or situations, it can be very difficult for some to report as they are fearful or feel pressure from others to keep things secret. We want students to help us keep their schools safe, and to break the "code of silence" with respect to matters that can impact the safety of their schools. 

The Tip Line can be found on each schools website and is also available on the GCSSD app. The app can be downloaded from your devices app store. 

Please spend some time with your child to share this information. Discuss with them the importance of their help in keeping their school safe. Thank you for helping to keep GCSSD safe.