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BrainPop Home Access

Our school district has a subscription to BrainPOP, an award-winning educational website we trust because it delivers reliable content on topics we are teaching your children. As part of that subscription, your family has access to BrainPOP, too!

Each month, BrainPOP shares ideas and activities for using BrainPOP at home around a timely topic. This month is Computer Programming! Sign up to receive tips for watching the Computer Programming movie together and activities to extend understanding of computer programming concepts.


You will need the following username/password information to sign-up:


Dyer: dyerschool / gibson
Kenton: kentonschool / gibson
Medina Elementary: meshornets / gibson
Medina Middle: mmshornets / gibson
Rutherford: rutherfordschool / gibson
Spring Hill: shshornets / gibson
Yorkville: yorkvilleschool / gibson