About the Director

Director of Schools

Pruett Welcome to the website of the Gibson County Special School District. Our schools have a rich tradition of providing a quality education for students and encouraging student achievement by setting high expectations. Our school system receives tremendous support from parents, community members, and alumni. We are blessed with a dedicated faculty and staff who really care about young people. All of these qualities make the Gibson County Special School District a great place to learn.

The Gibson County Board of Education works collaboratively as it evaluates its policies and programs in an effort devoted to continuous improvement. The faculty and staff of Gibson County Schools strive to motivate and cultivate life-long learning habits in students which will enable them to become successful citizens and allow them to compete in an ever-changing society.

The mission of Gibson County Schools is to ensure that every one of our students will be prepared for their life, education, and career when they leave our school system. In order to achieve this goal we must make children our first priority and base every decision on the best interests of our students. We must build learning communities that allow teachers to meet and discuss best practices. We strive for academic excellence, and we enlist the interest, support, and personal involvement of all citizens, representing both the school and community. This cooperative involvement will assist in improving the quality of education in the Gibson County Special School District and the quality of life in the community.

As a district, we challenge our students with relevant and rigorous coursework in all grades. At the secondary level, we have high expectations and many opportunities; including dual-credit, advanced placement, a variety of Career/Technical courses, industry certifications, and many upper-level science, math, and social studies courses. If you are looking for a school system that will prepare your child for the ever-changing demands of today’s society then you have found the right place.

I hope that this website will be informative, useful, and truly functional. We anticipate that it will help all of us keep track of the many innovative and meaningful activities and events of the coming school year in all of our schools. Our students are truly our most important asset. Working together, we can continue to provide quality educational opportunities to all of our citizens.

Please feel free to call us if we can help you in any way. I can be reached at 731-692-3803 or epruett@gcssd.org. You can also follow me on twitter at @gibsoncounty1.

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your child.

Eddie Pruett

Director of Schools