Responsible Use Policy

By using our internet service, you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that there are significant security, privacy and confidentiality risks inherent in accessing or transmitting information through the internet, whether the connection is facilitated through wired or wireless technology. Security issues include, without limitation, interception of transmissions, loss of data, and the introduction or viruses and other programs that can corrupt or damage your computer.

Accordingly, you agree that the owner and/or provider of this network is NOT liable for any interception or transmissions, computer worms or viruses, loss of data, file corruption, hacking or damage to your computer or other devices that result from the transmission or download of information or materials through the internet service provided.

Use of the wireless network is subject to the general restrictions outlined below. If abnormal, illegal, or unauthorized behavior is detected, including heavy consumption of bandwidth, the network provider reserves the right to permanently disconnect the offending device from the wireless network.

Examples of Unacceptable Uses

The following are representative examples only and do not comprise a comprehensive list of unacceptable uses:

  1. Using the Gibson County Special School Districts Network for, or in support of, any illegal purposes;

  2. Using the Gibson County Special School Districts Network for, or in support of, any obscene or pornographic purposes that does not support the curriculum and/or is inappropriate for school assignments, including, but not limited to, the retrieving or viewing of any sexually explicit material;

  3. Using the Districts Network for soliciting or distributing information with the intent to incite violence, cause personal harm or bodily injury, or to harass, threaten or ‘stalk’ another individual;

  4. Using the Districts Network for non-Board-related business purposes beyond most amounts of incidental personal use;

  5. Using the Districts Network for political lobbying or for personal financial gain;

  6. Unauthorized or non-curricular use of online video, music or streaming content;

  7. Attempting to subvert security, impair the functionality of the network or to bypass restrictions set by network administrators;

  8. Accessing sensitive or confidential student or employee data without authorization

  9. Allowing unauthorized access to Gibson County Special School Districts confidential data, email correspondence or other information;

  10. Using ‘system’ or ‘administrative’ passwords without authorization

  11. Coaching, helping, joining or acquiescing in any unauthorized activity on the network or tablet computer;

  12. Knowingly placing a computer virus on a computer or network.

  13. High bandwidth operations, such as file transfers and media sharing with peer-to-peer programs.