Enrollment FAQ

When can I register my new student?
Throughout the school year you may register at any time. Contact your zoned school to set up an appointment with the registrar. 

During the summer months, check the "New Enrollment Dates" page for specific days and times.

How do I register my returning student?
Log in to your Parent Portal account and click on Student Enrollment from the menu on the left. The website address for Parent Portal is: https://gcssd.powerschool.com/public

How long will the registration process take?
Returning student information is prepopulated with most of the information about you and your student. The process is simply updating any necessary personal information changes and signing required yearly forms. It will take approximately 15 minutes! Just sign in to your Parent Portal account and click on Student Enrollment to get started.

The new enrollment process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

I can't remember my username and password for Parent Portal.
Returning students can click on 'Forgot Username and Password' on the Student and Parent login screen to have their information sent to them via the email that's on file with the school. If you do not receive the email, please contact your school for assistance in retrieving your username and/or password. You can also contact Central Office for assistance if your local school is unavailable or unable to assist you.

I am trying to register multiple children, why don't I see the other registration packets?
You must click on the name of each student in your household at the top of the Parent Portal page to access their forms. Once you have switched views you can click on 'Student Enrollment' to access that student's forms.

The returning student enrollment process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete for each child.

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What types of proof of residences are acceptable?

  • Property tax records which indicate the location of student's address

  • Mortgage documents or property deeds

Items below must be dated within 30 days before the first day of school or enrollment date:

  • Residential Lease

  • Current utility bills showing permanent residence address

  • Landline Phone Bill

  • Cable Bill

What do I need to bring with me to the registration process?

  • Social Security Number ID card

  • Childs date of birth (copy of birth certificate if registering for PreK/K)

  • Shot record or religious exemption letter (required if registering for PreK/K)

  • 2 Proofs of residence (see acceptable form list above)

    • Certain items must be dated within 30 days of the first day of school

  • Custody papers (if applicable)

  • Unofficial copy of transcript (if applicable)

Can I register my child at one of your schools if I do not live in the district?
During the month of June each year, a parent/guardian may request that his/her child attend a school within the system other than the one to which the child is zoned. The Director of Schools or his/her designee shall review such requests and, if adequate space is available, grant such transfers unless a transfer would be adverse to the best interests of the child or the school system. If granted, the student must provide his/her own transportation to and from the school (Policy 6.206)

How do I verify that my residence is zoned for your district?
Take a look at the boundary maps located under the 'Our District' tab or visit Tennessee Property Data website and search for the property address.

  1. Type in the address of the residence

    • Type exactly as listed in the example: road name then box number; John St 1253

  2. Choose the Select button if the correct address was found

  3. Scroll down to General Information and look at the SSD1 section. Verify District ID number below.

    • 294 - Gibson County Special School District

    • 487 - Milan School District

    • 958 - Humboldt School District

    • 085 - Bradford Special School District

    • 732 - Trenton Special School District

I own rental property zoned for one of your schools. Do I have to live at the residence to register my child?
Yes. Owning property or land within the zoned school area is not enough to be approved for enrollment. The student must reside at the residence the majority of the time to enroll your student within the zoned area if the school does not have enough space available according to Policy 6.206. All students shall complete proof of residency forms at the beginning of each school year.

The Gibson County Special School District can physically verify if necessary that the student actually lives within the District boundaries. For example, providing only a post office box as an address will not be accepted. It will be necessary to provide the exact location on a specific road or highway, or any other information that may be required by the District to prove objectively and unequivocally that the student resides within the District.